Who We Are

Adena building progress

Adena Corporation

Adena Corporation, established in Mansfield, Ohio in 1982, is a distinctly unique contractor.  Over the years, we have continued to grow and adapt to the markets we serve.  We believe firmly in what we do and continually reinvest in our people, physical resources, and community. Through this reinvestment, we have added the following disciplines of work: masonry, steel erection, structural steel fabrication, elevated and flat concrete work, small projects, and rough & finish carpentry.  These self-perform trades were strategically chosen and built in order to provide a turn-key approach to construction for the most vital component of the building, from a structural and schedule standpoint to the building envelope.  Our approach to our industry is customer focused and we welcome the opportunity to adapt and take on all challenging opportunities.  There are few types of construction, delivery method, or industry that we haven’t served.  Our field workforce is comprised of approximately 200 highly skilled individuals.  Some of our most technical work includes, but is not limited to, roller coaster erection, urban steel erection, multi-story masonry, and concrete press pits. Even through highly technical work, we maintain a strong commitment to safety and pride ourselves on our safety statistics and awards.  We understand that customers are in need of a service, and that it will best serve them if the construction delivery and execution is molded to fit their business needs and timing.