Creating a marketplace for success

From small shops to large corporations, we can help you elevate your business to the next level. How? By focusing on relationships. The relationship between you and your customers. And, the relationship between your customers and the brands they know and trust.

The commercial/retail market is a highly competitive one. And we know that your customers’ loyalty depends on the trust they have in you to provide the products and services that they need and depend on. Therefore, we want to partner with you so that you can keep providing for your valued clients. Additionally, we know that they are your number one priority, which make them ours as well.

By developing our own successful relationships with local authorities, subcontractors and suppliers, we can ensure that our jobs contain high quality workmanship and safe environments, so that they stay within budget and are delivered on time. Furthermore, we want to make absolutely sure that your new building or renovation meets each of your needs.

Whether your business is growing bigger, better or both, at Adena Corporation we can help you design, build and/or renovate so that your vision becomes reality.


Our commercial/retail experience includes:

  • Building renovations
  • Casinos and race tracks
  • Commercial complexes
  • Corporate offices
  • Financial institutions
  • Libraries
  • Parking structures
  • Retail stores

Organizations we’ve had the opportunity to partner with:

Retail - Parking Lot
Retail - Country Club
Retail - Library
Retail - Bank