Every project begins with a creative blue-sky concept. The Adena team has the skills, tools, and vision necessary to assist clients in further developing their concept, whether the starting place is an immersive perspective piece, a group of storyboards, a detailed physical or virtual model, or a rough set of show drawings

Digital Model Development

In today’s world of complex construction projects, digital models are necessary to clearly and efficiently communicate ideas within the project team and to all stakeholders. Adena’s team of 3D designers have mastered an extensive array of the digital modeling programs commonly used in the industry. Our team works tirelessly with clients to further develop the concept, deepen their understanding of the creative intent, and ensure that all Intellectual property specific details are incorporated throughout the development phases.

Physical Model Fabrication

Fabricating a scaled physical model is one of the first steps in bringing our clients’ concepts to life. At Adena, we have embraced cutting-edge digital tools to enhance proven, classical design methods such as physical model-making and sculpting. We offer a variety of materials and scale options to fabricate your physical model. Our artisans will work with your creative team to develop a plan that is best suited for your project.

3D Scanning

Adena utilizes 3D scanning techniques to transfer physical model data into the virtual realm. This process, a crucial step in the early development phase of any large rock work project, provides the ability to seamlessly input creative modifications of the physical model to the master project model. This technique is also useful when an environment needs to be developed around an existing show element.

Constructability Studies & Methodology Statements

One of the best parts of the themed entertainment industry is that everything built is one-of-a-kind. However, the unique nature of these projects also brings a diverse set of construction challenges. A clear understanding of specific fabrication methods is essential for success. Working closely with our clients, the Adena project team will complete a thorough constructability study to determine the optimal fabrication technique to achieve the creative intent while also aligning with the project budget. Once this data is compiled, our technical directors will prepare an in depth Methodology Statement to help guide the entire project team.

Technical Design

Our goal on every project is to bring our clients’ creative vision to life for the ultimate enjoyment of their guests. The innovation and expertise of our technical directors and designers are central to this effort. The Adena Corporation empowers our team with the necessary digital tools and resources to build these complex packages and ensure successful delivery each time.

Creative Reviews

In today’s world of complex construction projects, digital models are necessary to clearly and efficiently communicate ideas within the project team and to all stakeholders. Adena’s As the creative process unfolds, we host regular creative reviews to ensure that our design remains true to our clients’ vision. This transparent and communicative approach is the best way to keep the entire project team in alignment and working efficiently toward the common goal.

Project Cost Control

At Adena Corporation, we are committed to successfully delivering our packages within budget. By preparing detailed methodology statements early in the development stage, we are able to prepare accurate project cost projections. Our level of accuracy is further strengthened by providing a large selection of specialty disciplines as self-performed services.

Project Schedule Development

The development of a detailed project schedule is also necessary to prepare accurate cost projections. The Adena in-house scheduler conducts collaborative work sessions with our technical directors, production directors and various project management groups to compile project-specific activity durations. Our team uses that information to develop the most efficient workflow for the overall project. This holistic approach helps ensure the successful delivery of your project.